CASIO fx‑82MS S-V.P.A.M.


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-82MS (Modern Statistics?)
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-82MS
Batteries: AA x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 2009
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The CASIO fx-82 series started with the CASIO fx-82, an ordinary scientific calculator. But But CASIO kept extending this line, turning it not into just a model number but a whole calculator series. Trying to make it the non-programmable scientific calculator for school use.

So far I've found mention of the following types:

Just like the CASIO fx-82TL this calculator has "S-V.P.A.M." which stands for "(Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method)".

The calculator is quite similar to the CASIO fx-82TL. Some notable differences: the form factor is different. Statistical sums and variables are now under the '1' and '2' keys and statistical data can be edited using the "STAT-data editor". All in all a cleaner look.

Very popular school calculator, at least in The Netherlands, later surpassed by the CASIO fx-82MS-2. Very easy to find on flea markets and auction sites as well. Sometimes even boxes full of them.

The calculator is fast, and runs for ages on one AA battery (17,000 hours battery life). A screw driver however is needed to replace the battery, the back needs to be removed, and six small screws keep the back in place.

Like the CASIO fx-82TL, this is one of the better non-programmable Scientific Calculators.