Model: HP 32S
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Pictures: HP 32S HP 32S (50th Anniversary Limited Edition)
Batteries: LR 44 x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: 1987
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Very nice HP RPN calculator with quite a number of functions. All known basic scientific functions and a lot of extras such as base conversions, complex numbers, integral calculations and statistical functions.

Most of the more common functions are easily accessible. Some of the functions are hidden between special menu's, and when in a menu the top row of keys will act as menu selectors.

The display is oriented left-to-right, meaning that when you type a number the first digit shows up on the left side of the display, and following digits are appended at the right.

The keyboard feels really good.

This calculator can use exponents up to 10^(+/-)499, and the highest number it can display is 10^500 (rounded-off display of 9,99999999999E499). The highest factorial it can calculate therefore is 253! (= 5,17346099264E499).

The calculator has 3900 memory steps that can be devided between program steps and named variables. Just like the HP 41CV and HP 41CX there is an "XEQ"-key to execute a named program label.

Shown on the right is the special HP 32S 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, a special limited edition run for the 50th anniversary of HP in 1989. As far as I can tell the Limited Edition is completely equal to the normal HP 32S, except for the markings on the calculator itself.

There's also some information on the HP 32S (and the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition) on HP's official website (link valid 2022-12-30).

For more information on this beauty please refer to the better sources, like The Museum of HP Calculators (link valid 2022-12-30).

Take a look at this calculator's successor, the HP 32S II too.