Model: HP 32S II
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Pictures: HP 32S II HP 32S II
Batteries: LR 44 x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: 1991
Terminated: unknown
Notes: A has-it-all RPN programmable scientific calculator. Successor to the HP 32S. Does most of the things the HP 32S does and a lot more as well.

Some if its many features are keystroke programming and fraction operations. Fractions can be entered in a very nice way, without the need of an extra key - by simply pressing the period ("."-key) twice whilst entering a number. To enter 1/3 simply type "1..3". Also to enter 1 1/3 simply type "1.1.3".

This calculator as over 100 built-in scientific function and does algebraic math calculations as well.

A minus of this calculator is that even though the calculator does have menu’s it still has two shift keys and a rather crowded keyboard. A plus is the excellent design and sturdiness of the case.