Texas Instruments TI GALAXY 67


Brand: Texas Instruments
Model: TI GALAXY 67
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: TI GALAXY 67
Batteries: CR2032 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 1993
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Nice-looking calculator of the TI GALAXY series.

Same look as the TI GALAXY 40x. Successor to the TI 66 and the TI 68.

This calculator has an alphanumeric display. To be able to display more digits when parenthesis are shown, it has two parenthese segments, one on the far left and one on the far right side of the display.

It is quite a powerful calculator. It can store named formulae, named variables, complex numbers, it has a library of 10 mathematical constants, it has flow-control and comparison when programming (IF, GOTO), it has a root-finder, integration, derivation, it can store non-mathematical data (as formulae) which can even be searched and it has easy-to-use menus to reduce keyboard clutter (TI 68 I am looking at you!).

The Galaxy 67 has about 1500 memory steps for formulae and programming and about 90 memory steps for variables.

Two keys on the bottom-right can be used to answer YES/NO questions when the calculator prompts for a decision (e.g. "Clr Fmla YN?"). The "" and "" arrow keys can be used to scroll through lists. When used with the "EQU" key these arrow keys can be used to recall and edit the last equation. Also nice is the fact that the fraction key can be used to see if a number can be shown as a fraction (e.g. display 0.25 as 1/4).

Be careful when replacing the battery, the battery cell compartment is quite fragile. And just like the TI 68 it suffers from a bad display connection resulting in missing pixels.