Texas Instruments TI-30X


Brand: Texas Instruments
Model: TI-30X
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: TI-30X
Batteries: LR44 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1993
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The TI-30 series started with the TI-30, an ordinary scientific LED calculator. But Texas Instruments kept extending this line, turning it not into just a model number but a whole calculator series. Trying to make it the non-programmable scientific calculator for school use.

So far I’ve found mention of the following types (probably incomplete):

The TI-30X is a 10 digit scientific calculator for school use with very nice big soft keys and clearly readable markings. It has the standard set of scientific functions, statistical functions, and fractions.

The fraction of a decimal can be determined by using the "F◄►D"-key. This doesn’t work for all decimals. For example, when typing ".333333333" followed by the "F◄►D"-key nothing happens. However, pressing it after first dividing "1" by "3" the fraction "1/3" is shown.

Its display is very readable and clear. Errors are indicated by displaying the message "Error".

Many thanks to Richard Pilkington of the University of Salford for donating this calculator to the museum.