PRINZTRONIC SC500IM (Model 1450)


Model: SC500IM (Model 1450)
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: PRINZTRONIC 1450
Batteries: AA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Scientific calculator with memory, by the English brand PRINZTRONIC.

Uses a switch to select between radians and degrees.

The fluorescent display is oriented left-to-right, meaning that when you type a number the first digit shows up on the left side of the display, and following digits are appended at the right.

It doesn't have all of the shortcomings of its predecessor, the PRINZTRONIC SC400IM but it does have some of them. Concatenated calculations are possible, but it still lacks operator priority. "5 + 6 x 7" yields "77" instead of "47".

I own two versions of this calculator. They are identical but for the type designation on the back. The one is marked "SC500IM" and the other "Model 1450 (SC500IM)".


A power adapter.