Model: SC400IM
Type: Scientific calculator
Batteries: AA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Scientific calculator with memory, by the English brand PRINZTRONIC.

Uses a switch to select between radians and degrees.

The fluorescent display is oriented left-to-right, meaning that when you type a number the first digit shows up on the left side of the display, and following digits are appended at the right.

The calculator doesn't have a change sign key, memory tricks are required to change the sign of a result. Negative numbers can however be entered, press the "-"-key before entering the number. There's also no "inverse" key, there simply are separate keys for inverse operations. Also, the only available logarithm functions are the natural logarithm and its inverse.

Concatenated calculations are not possible and there are also no parenthesis. To calculate something like "2 x cos (45)" the calculator's memory has to be used because the "cos" operation clears the calculation stack. There's no operation priority either. "5 + 6 x 7" yields "77" instead of "47".

The red "CM"-key clears the memory.

The "N↔S"-key switches the display between "normal" and "scientific" notation modes. Spacer Memory display When the calculator's memory stores a non-zero value, the bottom-right segment of the leftmost digit of the calculator's display lights up, as shown on the example on the right.


A power adapter.