Philips - SBC 1703


Brand: Philips
Model: SBC 1703
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: Philips SBC 1703
Batteries: 386 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The Philips SBC 1703 is a scientific calculator inspired on the Casio school calculators such as the Casio fx-82. Smaller (thinner) version of the Philips SBC 1704.

A nice features is the "soft" power-off, pressing "F" "OFF B" puts the calculator in "Sleep" mode, and calculations can be resumed after powering on again.

Also nice are the key functions for M, k, m, p, n and µ. To enter 4,000,000 for instance, simply type "4" "M".

My Philips SBC 1703 is quite badly worn...

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