inkClub KK-89MS


Brand: inkClub
Model: KK-89MS
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: incClub KK-89MS
Batteries: AG10 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 2009
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This promotional calculator looks like a clone of the CASIO fx-82MS in a different housing. See that calculator’s page for a description of its capabilities. Because the housing is different it might be a clone of another CASIO fx-82 variant but I couldn't find an exact match using Google image search.

Take care when changing the batteries. There is a reset hole at the back of the calculator. At the inside of the calculator there is a (conductive) rubber pad behind this hole which easily drops after taking the back off. The back is fastened with six screws.

The inkClub (link valid 2024-05-28) is a Swedish shop for stationary and other home and office stuff. "Allt för hem och kontor!" meaning "Everything for home and office!"

I found this calculator at a flea market in Norra Rörum in Sweden. The Swedish word for a flea market is "loppis", plural "loppisar". I visit Sweden regularly and always look forward to visiting loppisar.