Guangdong Jishengke Industrial S3


Brand: Guangdong Jishengke Industrial
Model: S3
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: Guangdong Jishengke Industrial S3
Batteries: LR 1120 x 1 and Solar cell (Calculator)
CR 1220 x 1 (Writing tablet)
Lifetime: Introduced: 2023
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Another calculator using a general calculator IC.

Reverse image search came up with various other models with the same key layout but different housing, such as:
  • A brandless "made in China" version with the general type indicator "Scientific Calculator"
  • The Bazic SCIENT IF IC calculator
  • The BISTEC BS-600
  • The Hungarian Btech fx-82LB FRACTION
  • The CaTec fx-82LB FRACTION
  • The encore fx-82LB FRACTION
  • The Guangdong Jishengke Industrial (广东吉盛科实业有限公司) S3 (this one)
  • The Kaisen 10 Digit fx-82LB FRACTION
  • The KK fx-82LB FRACTION
  • The ORPAT fx-100D (Indian brand, and no it’s not a rebranded CASIO fx-100D)
  • The PHILIPS SBC 1707
  • The Signature FRACTION
This calculator, bought brand new on Temu in 2024, is actually quite nice. I bought it especially because it uses the same generic calculator IC as the models listed above.

It’s foldable, the left part is a general scientific calculator with said familiar layout with a nice big display and nicely readable keys. It is a 10-digit scientific calculator with a load of functions. BASE conversion, statistics and complex number calculations.

Guangdong writing tablet The right part is a LCD writable pad. Using a plastic pen, hidden away in a crevice at the back of the pad. I do not know how it works. When you put pressure on it using the supplied pen or ones finger nails, one leaves green trails. They do fade gradually over time. The writing tablet can be erased by pressing the button below it. The battery is only required for erasure. Without the battery one can still write on the tablet and anything already written is retained.

When the calculator is folded shut, magnets keep it shut. Also nice, no screws need to be unscrewed when changing the batteries.

Guangdong power ratings At the back of the calculator's box there are power related specifications. I'm quite convinced they are incorrect. The Rated Voltage of 3V is correct, but the Rated Current of 1A is not, for that would lead to a very short battery life of about 3 minutes (calculated using this cool site (link valid 2024-03-29)).