Bistec - BS-600


Brand: Bistec
Model: BS-600
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: Bistec BS-600
Batteries: Unknown
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: As far as I can make out Bistec is an Indian company. This company rebrands (or copies?) calculators by other companies such as Casio. No idea if this particular calculator is a rebranded one. Reverse image search came up with various other models with the same key layout but different housing, such as:
  • A brandless "made in China" version with the general type indicator "Scientific Calculator".
  • The A&W FRACTION...
  • The Bazic SCIENT IF IC calculator.
  • The encore fx-82LB FRACTION...
  • The Kaisen 10 Digit fx-82LB FRACTION...
  • The KK fx-82LB FRACTION...
  • The ORPAT fx-100D (also Indian, and no it's not a rebranded Casio fx-100D).
  • The Signature FRACTION.
  • The TECTRON fx-82LB FRACTION... Calculator".

Very peculiar (and probably illegal) how these can use familiar type indicators such as fx-82LB and fx-100D. Could it be a trick to be accepted as a standard high school calculator?

Anyway, the calculator itself is a 10-digit scientific calculator with a load of functions. BASE conversion, statistics and complex number calculations.

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