Recently changes to this site

2023-01-24 - Changed the layout of quoted reader's e-mails so that they also scale in a "responsive" way.

2023-01-22 - Fixed the viewport issue on iOS. Now works well in portrait and landscape mode. You can also turn the website in a Web App on iOS, simply press the Share button and add it to your home screen. The Web App version works quite well.

2023-01-20 - Changed the way full screen calculator images are shown. Now the whole window is used. Improved mobile experience (at least on an iPhone, no other phones to test it with). Better readability. The only problem is the viewport on iOS, it is impossible to scroll to the bottom of a page.

2023-01-18 - Made pictures more "responsive". They now scale down on smaller windows. The maximum size is still in relation to all other calculators. Also made the calculator descriptions more responsive, the page will switch to a one-column layout on smaller windows. Same for the calculator overview pages. Better usable on a mobile device.

2023-01-17 - Moved to new URL Will provide the necessary rewrites to keep external references in the air.

2023-01-16 - Decided to move away from Why? Because it is a legacy subdomain of, not owned by me. Had a chat with and they tell me the legacy subdomain is still online but might cease to function any moment. I put a permanent redirection on the old site and am low looking for a cool domain name for a new site. For now I have stalled it under my private domain name I know there are external links to, I will try to contact site owners linking to my pages after I have decided on a new domain name. I have also removed the (ancient) non-calculator parts of the site and will from now on solely focus on calculators. External links to still work.

2023-01-15 - Created a button to copy the URL of a specific page of my Calculator Museum. The icon is normally hidden and only shows up when you hover over it on the top right of a page. Only works on because has no SSL. Not sure how to solve that yet. For now the button is hidden on

2023-01-14 - Added a "TO THE MUSEUM" button at the top right of externally linked pages. So a link to a specific calculator on another collector's site now has a button to see my complete calculator collection as well.

2023-01-13 - External links to "body" pages to my Calculator Museum will now automatically redirect to their "index" page. Next step will be to then include a link to the Calculator Museum itself. Work in progress. I love it.

2023-01-12 - The Calculator Museum part of the site has now finally moved away from using ancient FRAMESETs and FONT styles to DIV's, CSS, Javascript and IFRAMEs. Less work than I expected. Better scalable. Handles resizing and page zoom better. No mobile version variant yet (no idea yet how to approach that). I did keep the old 1990's look because, well, I actually quite like it, it's clean and neat. All external links to pages of my Calculator Museum should still work. I will handle the rest of my site later on.

2023-01-09 - You can now click on a calculator to see it zoomed in. Click or press escape to return to normal view.

2023-01-07 - More calculators added. Also slowly transforming away from ancient HTML code and finally started using style sheets. Still have to get rid of the ancient frameset construction though (without breaking external links to my pages).

2023-01-03 - After a hiatus of, what is it, 12 years (!) I finally added a new calculator to the on-line collection!

2023-01-01 - Replaced calculator pictures with double resolution versions for better viewing on Retina displays.

2023-01-01 - Finally removed those terrible hyperlink underscores...

2023-01-01 - Added repair info on the TI-68.

2022-12-30 - Finally added information on the TRS-80 PC-2.

2022-12-30 - Checked and updated linked pages.

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