Brand: CASIO
Model: FX-730P
Type: BASIC-programmable pocket computer
Picture: CASIO FX-730P
Batteries: CR 2032 x 2 + CR 1220
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Successor to the CASIO FX-720P. This is a very small calculator programmable using a variant on the BASIC language. It can also be used for direct calculations. Functions can be selected using keys, or simply typed. Also present are a "Memo" memory, and "Function" memory into which often used functions can be stored.

It doesn't have a lot of memory, but the memory can be extended using a memory module.

This calculator has one some drawbacks. It doesn't have a rerun function. In other words, if you type in a long calculation and make a mistake, the complete calculation has to be retyped. And the calculator doesn't tell you where in your calculation the mistake occurs.

Another minus is the number of "Shift" keys: "EXT", "S" and "F".

This calculator's predecessors are the CASIO FX-720P and the CASIO FX-710P.


There exists at least a printer for this model, also memory modules are available (called Option Packs).