Casio - FX-702P


Brand: Casio
Model: FX-702P
Type: BASIC-programmable pocket computer
Picture: Casio FX-702P
Batteries: CR 2032 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1981
Terminated: 1984
Notes: Accompanying the calculator series started with the Casio FX-501P/FX-502P and the Casio FX-601P/FX-602P. I don't think there ever was a Casio fx-701p, can't find any traces of it having ever existed).

The FX-702P is a very nice calculator programmable with a horrible keyboard layout which can be programmed using a variant on the BASIC language. It can also be used for direct calculations. Functions can be selected using keys, or simply typed.

I got this calculator from a friend who is moving to a country far far away and found this calculator whilst packing. I haven't had time to play with it yet. Thanks Peter Berck!


There are various interfaces for this calculator (and others in this series). There are two types of cassette-interface, one which could play musical notes as well. There is also a printer, the FP-10. I own the printer FP-10 and cassette interface FA-2.
This calculator could also be extended with modules. Casio however did never sell any extension modules.

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