Why this Calculator Museum

Calculators Way back in the late nineties, I started this website to showcase my love of the calculators I had back then. The site was also created so that I would be able to look at them myself, and I was hoping that others would like to see the calculators as well. At the time I assumed I was the only person on earth collecting calculators but how wrong I was! I love all the other calculator collectors' websites online today and I visit them regularly.

This website tries to display calculators by displaying their beauty. All calculators are scanned using a scanner with a good depth-of-field. After scanning the scans are retouched to remove specs of dust and other scanning artifacts. This site's intension is to display all calculators as perfectly as possible.

This is a personal collection. This museum does not try to perfectly specify all the technological features of the calculators on display, it tries to radiate my love of calculators, and when applicable I will also share my personal experiences with them.

So please take a look around and marvel about the calculators on display.

Since I do not have the space to actually show all of my calculators physically, every once in a while I cover the floor of my living room with all of my calculators to marvel at them. The picture shown here is such a case. This was in 2017.