Model: tallymate MODEL-85
Type: Calculator
Picture: VICTOR MODEL-85
Batteries: AA x 6
Lifetime: Introduced: 1972
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Quite huge 8-digit calculator with a fluorescent display and big, computer keyboard like buttons. It has a battery indicator with a moving needle, something I have never seen on any other calculator. It is actually a small analogue voltmeter.

Two leds above the display indicate an overflow condition "OFL" and negative numbers "NEG".

Using sliders it is possible to enable/disable constant operation (for multiplication and division). The other slider is used to set the calculator’s number of decimals (floating pint, 2 decimals or 3 decimals).

There is also a page on this model on Smitsonian’s site, see it here (link valid 2024-06-25). The calculator on display there has a different colour scheme.

Beware when connecting a power adapter (DC voltage of 6V to 9V), the inner pin is the negative pin.


A power adapter. The 110V version has VICTOR part number 34159.