(Unknown brand) the euro calculator


Brand: Unknown
Model: the euro calculator
Type: Euro calculator
Picture: The Euro Calculator
Batteries: CR 2032 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 1999
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Big, 10 digit euro calculator with a display that can be tilted and conversion keys for the currencies of countries in Europe, Japan and the USA. The calculator does percentages and has memory.

This calculator is a promotional calculator of the ABN·AMRO Bank.

The Euro (and other) exchange rates are not fixed, you have to set them by pressing one of the countries' keys for a couple of seconds, type a number and press the country key again.

Although it is not obvious when you look at it, this calculator has a built-in clock with time and date. When the calculator is in "calculator" mode, press the "="-key for approximately three seconds and the "clock" mode will switch on. Press the "ON/C"-key to go back to "calculator" mode. When in "clock" mode, the following keys can be used. Press the "="-key to switch between date and time display. Press the "x"-key to set the time (or date) and in that mode use the "÷"-key to change it.

In January of the year 2002 twelve European countries switched from their native currency to a new European currency, the Euro. And what the people in those countries needed of course were Euro calculators. The more conversion options the better. Many promotional Euro calculators were made by banks. All these calculators of course became obsolete after a year or two. Now they're but nice relics of this daring currency change in Europe.
For more information on the Euro switch, read one of the many articles that can be found on the internet. More on the Euro can be found in this Wikipedia article (link valid 2022-12-30).