Model: 81S / EC 24A
Type: Calculator
Picture: TRIUMPH 81S
Batteries: AAA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: 1975
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Almost identical to the TRIUMPH 81C but with square roots, a key to swap the X and Y side of a calculation and the constant π.

TRIUMPH 81S Battery
			Pack This plain calculator has a green fluorescent display and uses four AAA batteries. One thing that struck me about the TRIUMPH 81C and the TRIUMPH 81S are their distinctive smell. I've seen more than one of these calculators and all of them have this smell.

Just like the TRIUMPH 81C, every key has its own spring.

This calculator was equipped with the battery pack shown on the right. It fits exactly in place of four AAA batteries. It is sealed quite good, but I took it out and took it to recycling to be on the safe side.


A power adapter.