Model: 60
Type: Calculator
Picture: TRIUMPH 60
Batteries: AA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: 1973
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The TRIUMPH 60 is quite big, and has a removable battery compartment for 4 AA batteries.

It has a 6-digit fluorescent display with the digits appearing from left to right. Big keys that still work flawlessly.

This calculator has some oddities. The minus sign however is displayed entirely to the right. When dividing by zero no error is displayed, the calculator’s display switches off and the clear key needs to be pressed. Also when overflowing the mantissa by simply typing to many digits, the decimal point disappears and the clear keys needs to be pressed to start over.

Also odd is the way I came by this calculator. I was at a flea market (I seem to be at flee markets a lot, it’s a nice place to find calculators) and I saw this calculator. The person selling it however wanted a mindbogglingly large sum of money for it: Fl. 10.- (EUR 4.54). Most flea-market calculators are priced at or below Fl. 2.50 (EUR 1.13) and I really didn’t want to spoil the market by paying almost 5 Euros for it. So I told him to stuff it somewhere (in a friendly manner of course). He said he’d use it himself unless he could sell it for his amount. I told him I could buy 4 brand new calculators for that money and went away. I knew I’d be sorry to miss this calculator which I had never seen before and didn’t already have in my collection.

But Justice came along and by a strange coincidence I found an almost identical and slightly less worn TRIUMPH 60 a couple of boots further on! And bought it for Fl. 2,50 (EUR 1.13)! Strange but true.

Identical to the ADLER 60.


A power adapter.