Model: 121C / EC 29
Type: Financial calculator
Picture: TRIUMPH 81S
Batteries: AA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: ca. 1975
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This calculator, fluorescent display (and talking about -scent, this calculator has the very nice distinct smell of TRIUMPH calculators as well) is filed as a "Financial calculator" because of the specific functions of its sliders. It has a display with 12 digits.

A search on the net brought me to this Thimet site (link valid 2023-04-08) where some of the sliders' functions are explained. The "n"-slider will show a counter, the two leftmost digits, displaying the number of calculations performed since sliding it into the "n" position. Still I do not know what the "A"-slider is for.

Also noteworthy, the display starts at the left side, not at the right side, when entering numbers. Another noteworthiness, dividing by zero does not cause an error, the result will be zero. Roots of negative numbers don't error out either, they will display the root of the number as if it were positive.

A non-zero number in memory will display a period on the leftmost position.


A power adapter.