Texas Instruments €‑2003


Brand: Texas Instruments
Model: €-2003
Type: Euro calculator
Picture: TI EURO-2003
Batteries: Solar cell + G10 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 2000
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Very convenient Euro calculator by Texas Instruments. This calculator also has functions to check after-fax and before-fax prices, as well as the amount of tax involved. Adaptable for multiple currency conversions.

In January of the year 2002 twelve European countries switched from their native currency to a new European currency, the Euro. And what the people in those countries needed of course were Euro calculators. The more conversion options the better. Many promotional Euro calculators were made by banks. All these calculators of course became obsolete after a year or two. Now they're but nice relics of this daring currency change in Europe.
For more information on the Euro switch, read one of the many articles that can be found on the internet. More on the Euro can be found in this Wikipedia article (link valid 2022-12-30).