Texas Instruments TI‑45


Brand: Texas Instruments
Model: TI-45
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: TI 45
Batteries: 9V x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 1978
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The TI-45 is a scientific calculator with the usual bunch of scientific functions and also volatile memory. It is functionally identical to the TI SR-40 but with a fluorescent display and it can run on a 9V battery although a hole on its right side seems to indicate a battery pack was available as well. It was assembled in Italy.

Some of this calculator's specifics:
  • Errors are indicated neatly using the word "Error" on the display.
  • There is no indicator for a non-zero value in the calculator's memory.
  • Radians and Gradients are indicated by one or two ticks at the top of the leftmost digit, meaning it will show an "u" when a negative 8-digit number is displayed when the calculator is in Gradients.
  • The "K"-key can be used to switch to constant operations, where pressing the "="-key will repeat the last operation.
  • Inserting the 9V battery is not straightforward because it needs to be accurately positioned or the lid will not close.
  • The keys of this calculator are prone to bounce.
More information can be found on this DATAMATH page (link valid 2023-04-02).


A power adapter, probably.