Texas Instruments TI-36X


Brand: Texas Instruments
Model: TI-36X Solar
Type: Scientific calculator
Pictures: TI-36X
Batteries: Solar cell
Lifetime: Introduced: 1996
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Multiple versions of the TI-36X exist with the same type designation. The first one (introduced in 1993) has s different, more rectangular, look. Personally I prefer the look of the first version of the TI-36.

Wikipedia lists (link valid 2024-01-13) the following types:
  • TI-36 Solar
  • TI-36X Solar (1993)
  • TI-36X Solar (1996) (this one)
  • TI-36 eco RS
  • TI-36X Solar (2004)
  • TI-36X II
  • TI-36X Pro

This TI-36X has quite a lot of functionality. It has all the standard functions of a scientific calculator, plus BASE conversion, logical operations, eight physical constants (c, g, me, e, h, NA, R and G). It also does English/metric conversions. Two separate shift keys are required to be able to access this multiple of functions.

The calculator has 3 separate memories, to use them one has to press one of the memory buttons followed by the number 1, 2 or 3.

A nice addition to fraction calculations is the "F◄►D"-key. It can be used to find the fraction of a decimal number (if possible). Does not work when the fractional representation does not fit on the display. It can also be used to see the decimal representation of a fraction.

Repeated calculations can be performed by typing a number followed by the "="-key. This will repeat the last used operand. So, for instance then the calculation "2 x 5 =" was performed, typing "7 =" will display the result "35.

The arrow key at the bottom left of the calculator, can be used to delete the right-most character in display. I would expect this arrow to point to the left as a kind of back-space.