Model: SSR-8
Type: Scientific calculator
Batteries: AA x 4
Lifetime: Introduced: 1974
Terminated: unknown
Notes: An early scientific calculator with a fluorescent display.

According to this Vintage Calculators page site (link valid 2023-04-08) this calculator is actually a clone of the CASIO fx-10 calculator, CASIO's very first hand-held scientific calculator, with 10 functions, hence the name fx-10.

It is a calculator with some very peculiar features:
  • It has a lower-case zero, making results with zero's in them very difficult to read but really cool looking.
  • When an error occurs, the display is filled with 8 lowercase zeroes.
  • The natural logarithmic functions has its accompanying exponent, the 10-log does not.
  • The "="-key can be used to repeat the last calculation.
  • There is a 'an'-key to calculate powers. It only accepts single digit exponents and displays its result immediately after pressing a number key.
  • The calculator has no issues with roots and logharithms of negative numbers, it completely ignores the minus.
  • The calculator has an 8-digit accuracy. The scientific functions however display their results with 6-digit accuracy.
  • Even though there is a 'π'-key, the trigonometric functions always calculate in degrees.
  • The largest number this scientific calculator can display is "99999999".
  • When performing a calculation, the display shows that the calculator is really busy calculating, showing all sorts of intermediate results. This together with the lower-case zero makes this calculator look really technical and nerdy.
  • A nice detail, all four batteries are facing the same way.


A power adapter.