Brand: SHARP
Model: PC-1403H
Type: BASIC-programmable Pocket Computer and calculator
Picture: SHARP PC-1403H
Batteries: CR2032 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1983
Terminated: unknown
Notes: With this calculator SHARP introduced dual-mode pocket computers. With the use of two switches (CAL vs BASIC) this calculator can be switched between BASIC mode and calculator mode. In calculator mode all calculator buttons (on the right of the calculator) will function directly, e.g. pressing "cos" will calculate the cosine of the number shown on the screen. This calculator mode is very extensive, and includes matrix calculations, hexadecimal mode, numerous statistical functions, etc...

When the calculator is switched to BASIC mode, the calculator keys will produce textual results, e.g. pressing the "cos"-key will display "COS " on the screen. Direct calculations can be performed this way. The calculator can obviously also be used to enter BASIC programs. The calculator has 32 kB of internal memory.

This calculator was very popular with students, and that’s possibly why it includes a heavy duty sliding hard cover.

Just like the SHARP PC-1500/TANDY TRS-80 PC-2 this calculator is also machine-code programmable.


As far as I know there’s only a printer/cassette interface for this calculator (I own one) although my knowledge on this calculator is limited.