SHARP PC-1100 (EL-6300)


Brand: SHARP
Model: PC-1100 (EL-6300)
Type: BASIC-programmable Pocket Computer
Picture: SHARP PC-1100
Batteries: CR2032 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1986
Terminated: 1986
Notes: Really nice small foldable BASIC programmable Pocket Computer with a two-line display and also a Memo function for storing phone numbers, notes and schedules by name.

A sliding selector is used to select modes. The Memo function can be edited when the slider is set to WRITE and consulted when set to READ. In CAL-RUN mode the Pocket Computer can be used as a calculator and to run BASIC programs. Those programs can be entered when sert to PRO.

SHARP CE-212M At the back there is a flexible cover that can be removed using ones finger. Behind it there is room for one RAM card. Available are modules of 2 kB (CE-210M); 4 kB (CE-211M) and 8 kB (CE-212M, shown here). Replacing the flexible cover needs some practice, it feels a bit fragile.

When used as a calculator the "="-key can be used to repeat the last calculation on new input. For instance, type "6", "x", "=". Now enter any number and press "=" to multiply that number by 6.

The eight keys below the display can be used as function keys to start labelled programs. Special overlays can be inserted here to label the specific keys. The labeling is a bit odd, the first four buttons are used to start programs labelled "A", "B", "C", "D" and the bottom row starts programs labelled "J", "K", "L", and "M".

Also noteworthy is how to save and load data from an attached cassette recorded (connected using the CE-126P interface). To start travsferring to or loading from tape a sharp utensil has to be used to press the IN or OUT recessed buttons.


At the back there is a slot for RAM cards. There is also a peripheral port for a printer and a tape recorder.