Rockwell / UNICOm Model 103


Brand: Rockwell / UNICOm
Model: Model 103
Type: Calculator
Picture: Rockwell / UNICOm 103
Batteries: 9V x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: ca. 1974
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This is a plain calculator of the Rockwell / UNICOm brand. It has a removable battery compartment at the bottom. This compartment stores a 9V battery. I'm not sure why the compartment is removable but I suspect that a rechargeable compartment might have been available.

The "="-key automatically adds the calculation result to the calculator's volatile memory.

The keyboard on the scan below can hardly be read, but that's due to reflections, the actual calculator's keyboard is quite easily read. That can not be said of its display, which can only be read from a 90 degrees angle. Which means it is not readable when the calculator is lying on a desk.

According to Noël Jouenne this calculator was also sold by Japy as the Japy 103 in France during the years 1974-1975.