Prinztronic - Mini SCIENTIFIC


Brand: Prinztronic
Type: Scentific calculator
Picture: Prinztronic Mini SCIENTIFIC
Batteries: AAA x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Elegantly small scientific calculator. At first sight one would assume this is a plain calculator but a closer look will reveal an "F"-key to select a number of scientific functions and memory functions.

The display is oriented left-to-right. When the "F"-key is pressed, an "F" lights up at the leftmost digit. Pressing the "F"-key again will undo this. When a non-zero value is stored in the calculator's memory this is shown by lighting up the right-bottom segment of the leftmost digit (unless the "F" is shown).

There are even exponents for very big (or very small) numbers, leaving 5 digits for accuracy.

On the top-left there is a switch to select the current angular mode.

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