Model: SBC 1745
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Picture: PHILIPS SBC 1745
Batteries: LR43 x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Small key-programmable calculator by PHILIPS. This calculator has two programming memories. It has two statistical modes and also the ability to perform hexadecimal and octal operations (no binary mode).

Some peculiarities:
  • Inverse operations are not marked on the keyboard. Still, pressing "INV" "x2" performs the square root.
  • The "INV" is the top-left read key.
  • The calculator has Constant Memory, and the current mode of the calculator is also retained over a power cycle.
  • To switch the calculator between angle systems, press "INV" "+/-". This is not apparent from the keyboard.
  • To get the constant π press "INV" "EXP". Also not apparent from the keyboard.
  • I have no idea what the "A→B"-key does.
A big thank you to J. Rovers for this donation to the museum.