Model: SBC 155
Type: Almost scientific calculator
Picture: PHILIPS SBC 155
Batteries: CR 2032 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Not entirely sure how to classify this, it's not quite a scientific calculator but it's not a basic calculator either because it has squares, reciprocals, π and brackets.

This calculator has a key-press beep, which (as far as I could find out) can not be shut of.

This calculator is functionally equivalent to the PHILIPS SBC 1701 (which doesn't have the annoying beep).

Next to the four basic functions it has a memory, percentages, some scientific functions and even brackets (one level deep). It also has a "π"-key but lacks the trigonometric functions. The constant π however can still be very useful for calculations upon circles and spheres and their derivatives.