PHILIPS LDB 8451/00 Promotional Calculator


Model: LDB 8451/00 Promotional Calculator
Type: Promotional calculator
Picture: PHILIPS LDB 8451/00 Promotional Calculator
Batteries: Solar cell
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: I know for a fact that "LDB 8451/00" is a PHILIPS type designation for I've been a technical writer for a while. I do not however know what kind of product the LDB 8451 is. What you see here however is a plain calculator with memory, percentages and square roots that is mounted on top of a Plexiglas Video 2000 cassette. The cassette has the words "CLS communication logging system".

All this would lead me to presume that the LDB 8451 was a system to log communication (ATC messages?) on special video tapes.