Brand: OMRON
Model: 86R
Type: Calculator
Pictures: OMRON 86R OMRON 86R
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: ca. 1974
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Plain calculator with basic functions and square roots but also with some very nice extra's.

First the very unusual battery compartment which isn't at the back, but at the front of the calculator. The top orange part can be removed.

Secondly the rather unusual "currency" mode. When the "A/M" slider is set to "M", the calculator switches to two-decimal currency mode. In this mode, numbers are entered from the "cent" position and shifted to the left. To enter $0.05 simply type "5". To enter $0.15 type "15". To enter $1.23 type "123", etc...

The OMRON 86R's shown here are the first and second revisions of the calculator. The first revision uses two LED's to indicate negative and overflow, has no "A/M" slider and no "+/-"-key.

The version on the left was donated by Nellie Tiemens, thanks Nellie!


A power adapter.