nikjan EL‑601


Brand: nikjan
Model: EL-601
Type: Calculator
Picture: nikjan EL-601
Batteries: 9V x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Basic function calculator with a nice golden look. Many brands sold this particular calculator. The other version on this museum is the sonic U100.

Thank you, Nancy Ostermann and Geertjan Cornelissen of VerseBeeldwaren (link valid 2023-03-26) for finding this calculator and donating it to the museum. Very much appreciated. VerseBeeldwaren has an eye for beautiful vintage stuff and the gift of beautiful image composition. There is a nice HEMA reactor calculator present in this image (link valid 2023-03-26). Also check out their beautiful work named Hotel Heilstraat (link valid 2023-03-26).


A power adapter.