MANNICS (unknown)


Model: Unknown, if anyone knows the model designation, please let me know!
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: MANNICS Unknown
Batteries: AA x 4 (Plain or rechargeable)
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This is a strange calculator. When you first see it you might think it’s a plain four-function calculator but it is actually a scientific one, of sorts.

The key placement is really odd. The "="-key is somewhere in the middle of the rightmost column, and the "F"-key (to select the scientific functions) is somewhere in the middle as well.

Really strange for a scientific calculator is the fact that there’s no scientific notation for really small and really large numbers.
Errors are denoted using this symbol: Error display

There’s a slider to switch between radians and degrees.

This calculator can use rechargeable batteries, there is a slider in the battery compartment to switch between normal and rechargeable batteries.


A power adapter.