Model: HP 95LX
Type: Palmtop PC
Picture: HP 95LX HP 95LX
Batteries: AA x 2 + CR 2032 (memory backup)
Lifetime: Introduced: 1992
Terminated: Unknown
Notes: The HP 95LX is an MS-DOS 3.22 based Palmtop PC with a built-in Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, as well as a file manager, a phone book, memo editor, appointment book and a financial calculator (algebraic and RPN), accessible using blue labelled buttons. It also has a built-in game named TigerFox. It runs on two AA batteries that should normally last about a month. Since it has a built-in spreadsheet program this machine is in a way programmable as well.

The HP 95LX has 512 kB RAM. A single PCMCIA slot which can be used for extra storage. The second version on display is a French model with 1 MB of memory. The French version has a slightly different keyboard lay-out with extra characters.

The HP 95LX has a RS232 port and infrared transmitter for communication. The latter can be used to wirelessly print to compatible HP printers.

There’s a nice bit of information on the HP 95LX on HP’s official website (link valid 2024-01-13).

The Hewlett-Packard Company Archives site also has some information on this calculator, see The HP 95LX: A Pocket-Sized Office (link valid 2024-01-13).

For more information on this palmtop also please refer to other excellent sources, like The Museum of HP Calculators (link valid 2024-01-13).


Compatible HP infrared printers.