Model: HP 11C
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Picture: HP 11C
Batteries: LR44 x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: 1981
Terminated: 1989
Notes: This calculator is one of HEWLETT PACKARD’s landscape series of calculators, named the HP Voyager series. Extremely (and I mean extremely) robust calculators and some of them were quite successful too.

What I find really amazing about this calculator series is the design, which is actually quite timeless and very elegant. If one calculator series deserves a design award it’s this series. Only HEWLETT PACKARD can create heavy duty casing with such elegance.

The calculators in this series are:
  • HP 10C
  • HP 11C (this one)
  • HP 12C
  • HP 12C Platinum
  • HP 12C Platinum 25th Anniversary Edition
  • HP 12C Prestige
  • HP 15C
  • HP 15C Limited Edition
  • HP 15C Collector’s Edition
  • HP 16C
The HP 11C is a programmable scientific calculator. It has all the required scientific functions such as trigonometric functions (including the parabolic variants). Also present are statistical functions (including a random number function).

As a programmable calculator, the HP 11C is adequately equipped. Its advanced functions include labels, including 5 labels (A to E) which can be executed directly from the keyboard (one-stroke if the calculator is put in "User" mode). Other important advanced functions are loops, comparisons and indirect addressing. The calculator’s program memory however is quite small, a maximum of about 200 program steps (at the expense of data all but one of the data registers). For practical use, the calculator has about 63 to about 100 program steps available.

Programs and data are stored in constant memory and are not lost when the calculator is switched off.

For more information on this beauty please refer to the better sources, like The Museum of HP Calculators (link valid 2024-01-13).