HEMA reactor


Brand: HEMA
Model: reactor
Type: Calculator
Picture: HEMA reactor
Batteries: 9V x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 1976
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This calculator by the Dutch retailer HEMA is actually a clone of the TI‑1265. Even though it is a clone, this particular specimen was "Made in Italy".

The calculator has a 8-digit fluorescent display.

It is a calculator with the basic four functions plus percentages and a volatile memory. When a non-zero value is stored in its memory, a small lowercase "r" is shown at the top left of the display. In case of an error a small "o" is shown at the top left of the display.

Pressing the "="-key again after a calculation repeats the last operation.

More information can be found on this DATAMATH page (link valid 2023-04-02).


A power adapter.