Model: A501
Type: Pseudo-Scientific Calculator
Picture: GENESONIC A501
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: The GENESONIC A501 is a pseudo-scientific calculator. In looks very similar to the privileg 883 D-ESR-E.

The functions of this calculator include Memory, Squares and roots, reciprocals and the ability to swap parameters.

Also present are parentheses. Only one parenthesis can be used, and the calculator uses its user memory for this function. When a parenthesis is used, the contents of the memory is lost. The calculator doesn’t have operand priorities.

A little bug is that this calculation doesn’t warn the user when one tries to take the root of a negative number, according to this calculator, √-9 = -3.

When an error occurs, this is shown as ".". When there’s a non-zero number in the calculator’s memory, the leftmost digit’s decimal point is lit.


A power adapter.