Brand: Unspecified
Model: EC-886
Type: Desktop Calculator with ballpen
Picture: EC-886
Batteries: Solar cell + AA x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: On first sight this looks like an ordinary desktop calculator, and is has all the necessary functions of one. However, it can switch between battery and solar-power (which I find amazing because even when the light is dim the solar cells provide enough power).

But the really odd function of this calculator can be found at the back of it. A nicely hidden pen holder with a ballpoint can fold out, so you have a pen handy (this was probably cheaper than a built-in printer I guess).

The brand name is not specified, but the type number "EC-886" looks similar to the type numbers TANDY uses. But the calculator was made in Hong Kong. Thank you for this one, Hennie Dekker.