commodore "Custom Green Line" GL-987R


Brand: commodore
Model: "Custom Green Line" GL-987R
Type: Calculator
Picture: commodore GL-987R
Batteries: Built-in rechargeable 3V battery pack
Lifetime: Introduced: 1974
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Plain calculator with memory and an "EX" button to exchange the operands to a function. The strangely named button "MT" is a memory readout and clear button (usually named "MRC").

commodore GL-987R batteries The calculator as a built-in battery pack which I have removed from this one because it was leaking acid. They are two AA size batteries and could probably be replaced by two modern NiMH batteries. It still works using a power adapter,

At the back of the calculator the following text can be read: "New unique display — Larger, Clearer, Brighter, Easier on the eyes." I have no idea what the size of its predecessors’ displays might have been for this display is Very Small. It is a fluorescent display consisting of one display tube.

There are two LEDs above the display. The LED at the left indicates a non-zero value in memory. The LED on the right lets you know when to recharge the internal battery pack.

According to this page on Calcuseum (link valid 2024-06-16) there are multiple versions of this model, and this is version 5.

There is also a page on this model on Smitsonian’s site, see it here (link valid 2024-06-16)

There is a newer version of this calculator, the commodore "Custom Green Line" GL-997R with an actual larger display.


A power adapter.