Commodoor Pocket Billiards Calculator


Brand: Commodoor (not commodore!)
Model: Pocket Billiards Calculator
Type: Design calculator
Picture: Commodoor Pocket Billiards
Batteries: Solar cell + Button Cell
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This is a calculator in the shape of a pocket billiards table! Red balls are numbered 0 to 9. There's a white ball and a number of coloured balls. The colours are a bit strange though. There's also a purple ball a bit out of place. Which game of pocket billiards uses these colours? :-)

This calculator is both battery and solar cell powered, and it has a nice big display.

The brand name is "Commodoor" which I guess has nothing to do with the "commodore" brand name at all.

I have to thank Arno of Snooker en Poolcentrum Touch for this particularly nice addition to my calculator collection. And of course Ans Jansen for negotiations! :-) Unfortunately this Snooker en Poolcentrum stopped their activities and the building has since been transformed to multiple apartments. Fond memories...