Brand: CASIO
Model: J-3 (J-1211)
Type: Plain calculator
Picture: CASIO J-3
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1978
Terminated: unknown
Notes: 12 digit calculator with a fluorescent display. A plain calculator with some extra's such as percentages, square roots and memory.

Some of its features:
  • It is a 12 digit calculator. But watch out when entering numbers. When accidentally entering a 13th digit an error will occur, and pressing the "C"-key will clear the error but also the number entered.
  • A non-zero number in its (volatile) memory is indicated by a period on the calculator's leftmost digit.
  • A slider is present to switch between floating point and two methods of rounding off.
  • A second slider determines the number of decimals when using rounding off.
  • There's even a thousands-separator indicated using a really small extra segment top left of every digit.
  • It as two keys to work with percentages. The "%"-key can be used to calculate the percentage of a number. The "𝞓%"-key can be used to add a percentage to a number.


The "CASIO AD-2S" power adapter.