CASIO fx-92 Collège B


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-92 Collège B
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-92 Collège B
Batteries: LR 44 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This is a very usable en well thought out calculator, quite similar in its workings to the CASIO fx-82TL and its follow-ups. Please take a look at the CASIO fx-82TL’s page for a description.

There are some enhancements and differences however. I’ll enlighten a few of them.

The "÷R"-key does integer divisions and shows the reminder as well as the result of the division.
  • The often-used variables "X" and "Y" have moved to separate keys for easy access.

  • The exponent-key is usually called "EXE" on CASIO calculators. On this one however it is called "x10x". This is shown on the display as well.

  • The "CALC"-key works as follows. Enter one or more of calculations using variables separated by colons. When the "CALC"-key is pressed the calculator will ask for the values of the variables and after pressing "EXE" will show the results of the entered calculations. Press the "EXE-key again to change the values of the variables.

  • Variables can be set in two ways, give A the value 42 by either typing "42 → A" or by typing "A = 42".

  • The colour... Well judge for yourself.