CASIO fx‑8000G


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-8000G
Type: Graphical programmable scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-8000G
Batteries: CR 2032 x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This calculator is very similar to the CASIO fx-7000G and CASIO fx-7000GA. Apart from the added function for the available printer, and slight differences in the calculator's case, these calculators are functionally equivalent. Personally I prefer the case of this calculator.

This calculator (as do many other CASIO scientific calculators) uses one and the same key for both the constant π as well as exponents. This works as follows. When you first enter digits, the "EXP"-key will enable you to enter the numbers exponent, otherwise it will enter the constant π.

As a calculator this one is great. It has almost everything you'll ever need, including binary/hexadecimal/octal calculations, all kinds of statistical functions, and also has the familiar programming language also found in similar CASIO calculators.


There is at least a printer available for this calculator.