CASIO fx-4500P


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-4500P
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-4500P
Batteries: CR 2025 x 1 + CR 1216 x 1 (memory backup)
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: With this calculator, CASIO tries to get back to the basics and the charms of my all-time favourite CASIO, the CASIO FX-602P.

This calculator is quite powerful. It has a two-line display, an alphanumeric part where expressions are entered, and a numeric part of 10+2 digits for the results. Expressions can be edited and "replayed". The calculator has statistical functions and can perform calculations in different base systems. Integrals can be calculated numerically, typing ∫(sin x, 0, π) for instance gives the result 2.

This calculator (as do many other CASIO scientific calculators) uses one and the same key for both the constant π as well as exponents. This works as follows. When you first enter digits, the "EXP"-key will enable you to enter the numbers exponent, otherwise it will enter the constant π.

This calculator has a two-line display, one that shows the formula entered, and the other which shows the results. To perform operations on a previous result, the "Ans"-key has to be used. This method is rather cumbersome in some cases. Especially when you’re used to "normal" scientific calculators where, to calculate the root of a result one simply taps the appropriate key. On this calculator, one has to type "" "Ans" "Exe". CASIO has perfected the two-line calculation method later on with the CASIO fx-82TL.

What I don’t like are the dark display and its three shift modes.

A very nice feature is a storage compartment for a spare battery. Inside the case there’s room to put a spare battery. Are there any other calculators with this feature?

Overall, nice, useful and conveniently small.