CASIO fx-3800P


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-3800P
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-3800P
Batteries: CR2025C x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: 1989
Terminated: 1993
Notes: Quite a capable little machine with 10 digit accuracy. Don’t expect a lot on its programmability. It is keystroke programmable only with rudimentary flow control (conditionally jump to the start of the program). The maximum lengt of a program is a 135 steps. There is room for four separate programs.

Six separate memories accessible using the "Kin" and "Kout" keys, plus normal memory. BASE-n functions and statistical calculations.

This calculator (as do many other CASIO scientific calculators) uses one and the same key for both the constant π as well as exponents. This works as follows. When you first enter digits, the "EXP"-key will enable you to enter the numbers exponent, otherwise it will enter the constant π.

There is also a TANDY version of this device, the TANDY EC-4019.