CASIO fx-3600PV


Brand: CASIO
Model: fx-3600PV
Type: Programmable scientific calculator
Picture: CASIO fx-3600P
Batteries: Colar cell & GR927
Lifetime: Introduced: 1989
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Successor of the CASIO fx-3600P. It is solar powered but also has a battery, handy if you want to keep your programs in the dark. Does not need a lot of light though, it even powered on under the scanner as seen on the picture above.

Quite a capable little machine, but don’t expect a lot on its programmability. It is keystroke programmable with rudimentary flow control (conditionally jump to the start of the program). The maximum lengt of a program is a mere 38 steps.

There is room for two separate programs. Six separate memories accessible using the "Kin" and "Kout" keys, plus normal memory. BASE-n functions, integration and statistical calculations.

This calculator (as do many other CASIO scientific calculators) uses one and the same key for both the constant π as well as exponents. This works as follows. When you first enter digits, the "EXP"-key will enable you to enter the numbers exponent, otherwise it will enter the constant π.

Many thanks to Richard Pilkington of the University of Salford for donating this calculator to the museum.