Canon F‑300P


Brand: Canon
Model: F-300P
Type: Programmabe Calculator
Picture: Canon F-300P
Batteries: LR44 x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: 1983
Terminated: 1985
Notes: Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between a Pocket Computer and a general programmable calculator. This machine looks like a Pocket Computer but Canon calls it a "Scientific statistical calculator". It is keystroke programmable hence it should be classified as a Programmabe Calculator. It has a memory capacity of up to 7 memories, 336 steps. It has many statistical functions, clearly what this calculator is about.

The calculator has a four-line, 20 character display. Its contrast can be set using a wheel at the top-left of the calculator. It has half a kilobyte of memory. This memory can be partitioned between programming steps and memories for data storage. In the default configuration there are 336 programming steps and 6 memory locations.

As can be seen at the right part of the keypad, the calculator has all the functionality of a standard Scientific Calculator.

When a calculation results into an error, or when a calculation needs to be repeated or altered, press the "EDIT"-key followed by the "."-key.

The calculator can store 7 algebraic expressions that can be used to program the calculator. It is keystroke programmable, there is no flow control. A great plus is that the algebraic expressions can be easily edited.

It has a peripheral port to connect the Canon’s Thermal Printer X‑711. The port can also be used to run the calculator on auxiliary power using Canon’s CH‑3 Charger and PSC‑3 Power Supply Cord.


The Canon CH‑3 Charger and the Canon X‑711 Thermal Printer.