Model: M 75
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: ARISTO M75
Batteries: AA x 2
Lifetime: Introduced: 1977
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This scientific calculator by ARISTO is a beauty. It has a very solid case with a removable lid. With the lid on it looks a bit like a pen case. Take the lid off and this beauty of a calculator is revealed. A first look at it might give the impression that this is a simple calculator with basic functionality but of course it isn't.

There is storage for one spare AA battery. Not exactly sure why because one should always change both batteries when they are flat.

Predecessor to the very similar ARISTO M 76.

It has most of the standard scientific functions and memory. A nice detail is the "M+x2" function, I guess this might be handy for certain statistical calculations.

According to a X-Number World article I once read (no longer linkable), ARISTO only entered the calculator market in 1972 and left it due to heavy competition in 1978.


A power adapter (ARISTO 6795).