Aristo - M75


Brand: Aristo
Model: M75
Type: Scientific calculator
Picture: Aristo M75
Batteries: AA x 3
Lifetime: Introduced: 1974
Terminated: unknown
Notes: This scientific calculator by Aristo is a beauty. It has a very solid case with a removable lid. With the lid on it looks a bit like a pen case. Take the lid off and this beauty of a calculator is revealed. A first look at it might give the impression that this is a simple calculator with basic functionality but of course it isn't.

It has most of the standard scientific functions and memory. A nice detail is the "M+x2" function, I guess this might be handy for certain statistical calculations.

According to a X-Number World article I once read (no longer linkable), Aristo only entered the calculator market in 1972 and left it due to heavy competition in 1978.


A power adapter (Aristo 6795).

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