arco "slider"


Brand: arco
Model: Unspecified
Type: Calculator
Pictures: arco slider arco slider
Batteries: LR1130 x 1
Lifetime: Introduced: unknown
Terminated: unknown
Notes: Promotional calculator by arco. There is no type designation on the device, the "slider" name is by me. Peculiar gadget. When you open it up by pulling, two feet extend at the back so that the calculator can stand at an angle. Its display is transparent and only visible with the correct background.

There are three named symbols at the top of the display. Negative numbers are indicated by "-MINUS", a non-zero value in its memory is indicated by "MEMORY in the middle, and there is an "ERROR" indicator for, well, errors.

For some peculiar reason there is a recessed reset button at the back of the calculator. Why?

Graciously donated to the museum by Iker Barreiro Martinez. Thanks, Iker!